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March Madness

Yes, it is 75 degrees. And yes the annual march of everyone out of their cubicles and overwhelming the city streets with no jackets, or shirts, is on. Often people take approaching spring with an optimism and energy only this time of the year will allow and take it as a spark to change some things in their lives. Maybe a little exercise to drop some of that winter weight, reconnecting with friends who have hibernated for the winter or even thinking about a new job. Lets embrace the madness of March and look at some ways to get all those things you want.

Confidence and intelligence will never stop being beautiful. So go do you.

You know the old line that 'you can't always get what you want,' well with so many resources now, in our always on social sharing economy, you are never more than a click away from a tool, connection or information that can get you everything you want and more. Here are some resources that can you help get your dreams off the ground.

It all starts with a Yes! Get career-focused stories, events, and classes at General Assembly. Meet some of the coolest creators, the most aspirational entrepreneurs and awe-inspiring thinkers around that all said “yes” to an opportunity. Check out all the resources at General Assembly.

So are you a writer, a designer or somebody who wants to create something new? Are you are a banker, an attorney, an accountant, a florist, a freelance anything or maybe you are just doing something that just isn't inspiring anymore? Do you really just want to make something, create something and be a part of something different? OK. Let's grow a beard, wear some flannel, get some vans or check out Code Academy and learn how to code for free.

Yes, you can't always get what you want, but with some effort you can always work for what you want. Don't waste this beautiful time of the year to think about what you want to do this year and go and grab it.

Be you.

Kurt Kretten