Tilden Studios was founded in 2008 by Mikki Glass and Troy Haley. Over the past ten years, Tilden has evolved to focus on the digital ecosystems of brands, the creative definition of those brands, and marketing across all mediums.

With offices located in Red Hook and New York City, the twenty-five person team is creatively led by Mr. Haley.


Tilden consists of three studios.

Digital Studio

Designing and building products, services, strategies, SEO, applications and platforms that transform brands and organizations for the digital economy.

Brand Studio

We create brand stories and identify ways to align and amplify those stories across multiple touch points, including packaging, retail, experience and identity systems, using design to deliver value and growth.

Content Studio

We concept and produce content on all scales, from broadcast spots and feature films to social media and editorial. We pride ourselves on both the value of an idea as well as its execution.

People we work with


Studio Capabilities

Brand & Identity Design

Brand Positioning & Style Guides

Visual/Verbal Vocabulary

Brand Narrative Design

Brand Messaging

Storyboarding & Motion Design

Film & Video Production

Post Production & VFX

Social Media Content Development

360° Brand Campaigns

UI/UX Design


Front-end Prototyping & Development

Back-end Planning & Development

SEO Strategy

Software Engineering

App Development

E-commerce Platform Development

Visual Design & Packaging

Motion GFX & Animation